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16th-Aug-2008 05:31 pm - Two QOTDs
This morning, while JJ and I were watching The Little Mermaid:
JJ: "Daddy, you're good at sharing and teaching and loving, and I want to give you a big hug."


wwpostergirl: Oh crap!
JJ: Oh crap what?

westminster abbey
Our office has a new coffee maker. It looks like this:

As it brews, it bathes the cup in a futuristic blue light. It's bizarre!

There was only one thing I could do: grab my usual post-lunch drink choice, insert it into the machine, and speak the familiar words.

"Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."
11th-Mar-2008 12:13 pm - Is it just me...
westminster abbey
... or does anybody else feel the need to rewatch the pilot of The West Wing?
7th-Mar-2008 10:44 am - 42 at 30
Apparently tomorrow is the thirtieth anniversary of the first broadcast of the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. That makes me feel old. More in Britain than in the US, it's a cultural touchstone of my generation (or at least the geeky ones!) and it amazes me that it's now thirty years old.

I have it on tape, not CD, and no longer have the capability to play tapes in the car -- maybe I ought to go find a copy on CD at the library. Assuming it's not in a locked cabinet marked "Beware of the Leopard" of course.

Douglas Adams, you are sorely missed... so long, and thanks for all the fishstories.
23rd-Feb-2008 11:43 am - Movie answers
phone box
So here are the answers to the movies you didn't get in my previous post.

Sanitized for your protection...Collapse )
20th-Feb-2008 08:25 pm - Movie meme
phone box
Thanks to merlyn4401 for this one!

Think of 15 of your favorite movies, go to IMDB and find quotes for each. Post the quotes. When someone guesses the movie, add the movie name and the person who got it right. (No fair using IMDB to find the answer)

1. I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like... magic. (Sleepless in Seattle lcmed)

2. If I ever forget my lines in Shakespeare, I always say "Crouch we here awhile and lurk!" That seems to do the trick.

3. We can love our pets, we just can't LOVE our pets. (The Truth about Cats and Dogs kadnkadnk)

4. I'm sure you didn't mean any harm, I'm sure it was just friendly banter, I'm sure you guys have dicks the size of peanuts. Enjoy your dinner, the tuna's really good. (Notting Hill wwpostergirl)

5. The most incredible ending in the history of the world! And we don't even know who won! (Cars kadnkadnk)

6. So you failed. All right, you really failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You failed. You think I care about that? I do understand. You wanna be really great? Then have the courage to fail big and stick around. Make them wonder why you're still smiling.

7. I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my squishy! (Finding Nemo kadnkadnk)

8. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. (When Harry Met Sally merlyn4401)

9. Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave. (Madagascar wwpostergirl)

10. I know something of a woman in a man's profession. Yes, by God, I do know about that. (Shakespeare in Love gjm11)

11. The SAS are absolutely charming. Ruthless trained killers are just a phone call away. (Love Actually wwpostergirl)

12. I hate to be rude, but we're French!

13. There I was, standing there in the church, and for the first time in my whole life I realized I totally and utterly loved one person. And it wasn't the person next to me in the veil. (Four Weddings and a Funeral lcmed)

14. A chorus line of soap stars and homosexuals.

15. With Mars your ruler in the ascendancy, you will get wiped out in a freak napalming incident and Helen says bollocks to you.

Here are some hints for the ones that haven't been guessed yet...Collapse )
28th-Jan-2008 02:57 pm - Three on Sunday
westminster abbey
A rare Alistair post because three vignettes have been bubbling through my head since yesterday...

(1) JJ understands that when somebody apologizes to you, you should forgive them. So if I do something stupid (and it happens too often, like saying I'll get him some apple juice and then forgetting), I'll say sorry to him, and he'll say "You're forgiven". That's very appealing.

Unfortunately, when he himself is scolded, he's taken to saying "Sorry. You're forgiven", which isn't quite right. So yesterday morning I scolded him about something (minor -- can't remember what) and the conversation went:

JJ: "Sorry. You're forgiven."
Daddy: "JJ, you only say 'you're forgiven' when somebody says sorry to you."
JJ: "Oh. Sorry. You're not forgiven."

(2) We went to the Piccadilly Pub in Westborough for lunch after church. As we were waiting for a table, a man came through the door in a Minuteman costume (note to elizabethann40: that's a 1775 Minuteman, not a border vigilante!)... and then another... and then more. To my surprise, they weren't just any Minutemen, they are the people who stand on the sidelines at Patriots games and fire their muskets when the Patriots score a touchdown! Apparently they were at the rally to send the team off to the Super Bowl and then came to have lunch/drinks. They're not going to Arizona, possibly because Minutemen in Arizona would be a bit too political! (I still don't know why they came all the way around from Foxborough to Westborough just to have lunch...) JJ was a bit scared of them in their tricorn hats

(3) As most of my readers know, we had a bit of an impromptu fire drill after we went to bed last night. What was fascinating was what we grabbed on the way out of the house. Both wwpostergirl and the cop noted with great interest the fact that I had a baby under one arm and our computer backup system under the other. It concentrates the mind too, thinking about what we should grab when we can only save a few possessions: I realized that my wallet is pretty vital too, considering it has my bank cards, my Green Card, etc...!
westminster abbey
Heating oil!

This is our first winter with an oil-fired furnace (and our first with a hot-air one rather than hot-water).

Our fuel company offered a winter heating contract with a price cap of $2.66 per gallon. I lost the contract and so hadn't signed it, thinking it wasn't important, when they called just before the deadline saying 'we don't want you unprotected' and faxed me a contract, which I duly signed.

Fast forward to now, when I discover that (a) the current price is close to $3/gallon and rising, and (b) a lot of companies have ceased to offer heating contracts. Sounds like a very good idea to have been protected!

But I'm new to this heating oil and forced hot air game... is there anything I need to know? I vaguely remember hearing something about a filter that might need to be changed regularly in the furnace, but I know nothing about these things. Is there a filter, and if so how often should I clean/change/maintain it?

(Oh, and the inlaw is completely separate, would you believe. It has a furnace that burns propane and uses hot water radiators. Welcome to our quirky house!)
5th-Nov-2007 11:14 am - Lots of random thoughts...
westminster abbey
I haven't posted in a good while, but I had a few things buzzing around my head... so here goes with a numbered list!

1. Two big events on CBS yesterday. First, the Pats squeaked by the Colts (was it me, or was the refereeing brutal? Almost seemed like the refs had been paid off, and, indeed, the Colts covered the spread), then SQUEE! Amazing Race is back! Loved the first episode, and was amused to discover that the first episode ended in Clifden, where I lost my alcohol-virginity. I had my first drink in a restaurant there on vacation with two friends. I was 22. Call me strange, but I wanted to wait until I was ready to handle it! (And this is from a Brit, where it's legal at 18.) Oh, and the two friends are now married to each other. They weren't together at the time, but I did wonder if it would happen for them...

2. Adventures in the housing market: a house around the corner from amymarr that we looked at and quite liked (but decided that we didn't want to live on Wisteria Lane) early in the year just sold. Finally. When we looked at it, it was on the market for $550,000. When the mortgage company repossessed it, they were owed $540,000. They sold it two weeks ago for $405,000. Ouch. That's the 'subprime crisis' right there.

3. JJ's memory continues to amaze me. He will remember where he put things that I wouldn't have a clue on, and you should see him doing jigsaw puzzles -- he'll need a particular piece and he won't have to go searching for it but will put his hand on it right away. And we've promised that if he's a good boy this week, we can go see 'Bee Movie' at the weekend. He's suddenly an angel! (He saw a commercial for it while we were watching football together.)
29th-Sep-2007 08:17 am - Bright kid alert...
westminster abbey
Oh dear. JJ's new favorite video is Eyewitness Jungle, in which the narrator uses the following words in the first minute:


"multilayered habitat"

As JJ would say, "I'm a little bit scared". I think we're as doomed as mom_almighty and _sanctimonious_.

(Actually, JJ seems to be following a very similar developmental path to Ethan. Cognitively well ahead, speech and socialization lagging, and very sweet once you get to know him.)
24th-Sep-2007 05:36 pm - Where art thou, Stephen Gostkowski?
One of the storylines that I haven't seen reported in the Pats' season is that the team seems to have lost all confidence in their kicker.

Yesterday, early in the game (down 7-3), we faced fourth-and-7 on the Bills' 29. And we went for it. And nobody in the booth, and nobody I've heard afterwards, wondered why we went for it. It would have been a 47-yard field goal -- challenging but doable. And the distance was rather too far to have a strong likelihood of making it. (Put it this way -- in terms of average outcomes, my understanding is that we had about an 80% chance of making the field goal and about a 40% chance of making the first down.)

Yet, we went for it, got stopped a yard short of the first down, and turned the ball over on downs. In fact, Gostkowski has kicked field goals from 24, 24 and 22 yards this season -- that's it. He also missed a 41-yarder and Matt Cassel fumbled the snap on a 43-yarder.

Come back, Adam, all is forgiven! (All right, almost all.)

Oh, and can we have a new punter too? After discarding three punters in the preseason, we seem to have got ourselves an idiot who can't punt the ball more than 30 yards. Maybe we can steal the Bills' punter, who booted it an amazing 75 yards yesterday -- and that off a shortened dropback. (So, to be fair, it was the kicking equivalent of a 70-yard punt. But that's still amazing.)
21st-Sep-2007 10:13 am - Go Mariners!
I have a soft spot for the Pacific Northwest. If we didn't live here, there's a good chance we'd explore living over there. We have friends there too, who we don't get to see enough because, well, 3,000 miles is a long way, and it's over two years since we last crossed the continent.

I've also visited Safeco Field, and have a soft spot for the Seattle Mariners. And every Red Sox fan should be a Mariners fan over the next week. Why? Because they're playing the Angels this weekend and the Indians next week. Which means that the Red Sox's chances of getting homefield advantage in the playoffs depends as much on the Mariners playing well as it does on the Red Sox doing the same.

Oh, and one of the Mariners-Indians games next week will involve the Mariners batting first even though the game is in Seattle. I don't know the last time that happened! (It's a makeup of one of the four games the Indians and Mariners couldn't play in April because Jacobs Field was snowed out -- so it's a Cleveland home game in Seattle. Bizarre.)

Providing I can find it, I'll be proudly wearing my Mariners cap to the Bolton Fair tomorrow...
13th-Sep-2007 10:12 am - Funny JJ story!
westminster abbey
You all know what JJ looks like, the fact that he's very affectionate, and he has some speech issues. All of which makes the following funny!

Now and again, he's playing with me and asks me to eat various body parts ("You eat my belly? You eat my nose? You eat my knee?"). Of course, I proceed to make a great play of pretending to eat the relevant body part. This morning, he pointed to his forehead and said:

"You eat my towhead?"
11th-Sep-2007 01:12 pm - Thanksgiving
westminster abbey
I noticed yesterday that today's hot lunch in the office cafeteria would be a Thanksgiving turkey meal. Odd, I thought, but hey, I can always enjoy turkey and stuffing.

It was only when I walked into the cafeteria today and saw that the sandwich special was an "American Hero" that the penny dropped. 9/11 is a very good day to be thankful for our American (and British!) heroes.

While I sometimes poke my fingers down my throat at the hyper-patriotism in this country (Brits would never fly the flag, or sing the national anthem at a non-international sporting event, or even consider that anyone uniformed is worth consideration for 'keeping us safe', especially if that someone is abroad), the fact is that we all have our heroes, and today is a good day to remember them and thank them -- at least 343 of them died six years ago today, and many more since.

I've had conflicting feelings about the 'support the troops' stuff we've seen for the past six years; it goes against my instincts to 'support' anyone armed, but I've come to realize that that's too much of a knee-jerk reaction. Troops coming home from Vietnam were subject to a lot of animosity just because they were troops, and that was (mostly) unjustified. Thankfully that isn't generally happening with the troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan -- and I can support the troops without supporting their commander-in-chief or his second-in-command.

What interested me was Mike Huckabee's soundbite about Iraq at the recent Republican debate: "We broke it, we bought it." That sums up what I've been saying for a while now -- while I definitely don't agree that we should have invaded, the fact is that we now have to stay to clean up the mess we made.

So thank you, figmaniac, auntyoda and others!
6th-Sep-2007 10:31 am - Diet musings
westminster abbey
Musings of a yo-yo dieterCollapse )
5th-Sep-2007 02:41 pm - Dilemma
westminster abbey
Say you've found the car you really want to buy, and the dealership has just cut $2,000 off the price today. Only problem is, the car's in Washington DC.

Do you:
(a) Pay the dealership $249 to transfer the car to their nearest branch, in Hartford, CT (with no obligation to buy, but the $249 is a sunk cost)?
(b) Plan to find a friendly neighborhood Red Sox fan to fly down with you on Sunday morning, pick up the car, go to Camden Yards for the Red Sox-Orioles game, and drive home 350 miles after the game, starting at 5pm?

I should be shot for even considering (b), shouldn't I?
8th-Aug-2007 01:53 pm - Goodbye...
westminster abbey
We're going to say goodbye
To the trees and bees;
Say goodbye to the hole
With the ants and the mole.
We're gonna leave our paints,
Set them out to dry,
Put our pencils down
And wave goodbye.
We'll wave goodbye to the number 10,
Say goodbye to all the numbers, and then
We'll say so long to A thru Z,
Until next time
When you come with me.
It was a fun day,
But now it's a done day.
It's time to say goodbye;
It was great, and we can't wait
Till once again we'll all say hi,
But for now we'll say goodbye.
We must be on our way;
On our way we will shout
"I used my noggin today!"
"I used my noggin today!"

Well, this is it. My last day at Tilera. I'm very sad to be leaving, even as I recognize that it's the right thing to do. My worry is that I'll still be emotionally (as well as financially!) invested in this place after I leave, and I won't be able to commit myself to the new job with the requisite degree of joy and excitement. But I guess that's for me to sort out for myself.

Went out for lunch with everyone to Bollywood Grill, and I put a couple of cheesecakes in the kitchen to be demolished by the crew. I'm really just counting down to departure time now -- I reassigned all my bugs last night and checked in all my outstanding stuff. I'm working on one small bug now, that I may or may not finish, and where it doesn't matter all that much if I don't, and then it's hand in the entry cards and walk out the door. A couple of tears will probably be shed at some point.

Oh well. I've used my noggin a lot these past two years, and it's a done job.
1st-Aug-2007 09:23 am - Lost in the madness yesterday...
westminster abbey
Yesterday was a traditional July 31 -- reloading Sons of Sam Horn every few seconds to find out what was happening at the trade deadline.

So I missed something important...

What did I miss? (HP7 SPOILERS!)Collapse )
28th-Jul-2007 12:07 am - Finished.
westminster abbey
... and sorry, Gareth, but the epilogue was the only part that made me cry. But I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.

I'll talk more in the morning, but right now I need to hug my wife and daughter. (My son too, but he's asleep!)
27th-Jul-2007 03:38 pm - Our Mailman, Who Art In Berlin...
westminster abbey
Hallowed be my name.

For thou hast delivered unto me a tome of great anticipation, and the name of this tome shall be... Harry.

Thou shouldst know that the wife of my youth might not hear more than grunting from me for the next several hours.

And it was evening, and it was morning, and it was a slightly elongated weekend thanks to coming home from the company party, and I'm sure that it will be very good.
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